Going on holiday on your own, without a partner, family member or friend to share it with can be daunting. We never forget that, and that's why we make sure you are made to feel welcome and included in everything going on. Making you happy makes us happy and Slipper Camps are all about ensuring you have a really enjoyable time creating lovely memories and making new friends, before heading home feeling inspired with fresh ideas.  


Slipper Camps are for women only, so guests feel relaxed and comfortable without any concerns about it being a ‘singles’ holiday.


You’ll be staying in a boutique hotel, in your own en-suite bedroom. There’s no sharing with people you don’t know. You can however book a twin with a family member or friend if you choose to.


You won't get fit, lose weight, get a sun tan, fly anywhere, drink Sangria or lie on the beach on a Slipper Camp, but you will have a lovely time, learning new things and enjoying fun and laughter with other like-minded ladies!


When you come on a Slipper Camp, it’s like being with a group of friends - friends you just haven’t met yet!


Be brave and do this for you!


What is a Slipper Camps mini-break like?

Slipper Camps are all about making new friends, trying new things, going to new places and having a lovely few days in a country hotel in Kent with everything arranged for you.


A full schedule of activities will be arranged and you can participate in as many or as few as you choose to. It’s your treat, so it’s your choice.


All activities are done together, including meals, but you’ll also have some time for rest and relaxation back in your room each day before dinner and sometimes there are short breaks in between workshops and activities. There’s also time to relax and chat to other ladies in the lounge after dinner. At no point will you be on your own during the day – unless you choose to be.


What is a typical day at Slipper Camp?

Activities vary, but a typical day might be breakfast between 8am and 9am, followed by an optional walk to a local farm/coffee shop), then a morning workshop, followed by a light lunch. There's usually either one or two workshops in the afternoon, for example, Scented Candle Making and perhaps Cupcake Decorating. Then you'll have some rest and relaxation time where you can go and relax in your room before dinner. After dinner there may be a quiz or some other activity, or just time to sit in the lounge or out on the terrace, chatting to the other ladies.


Most workshops take place at the hotel, but some take place externally. The format varies according to whether you choose a 2-night, 3-night or 4-night Slipper Camp, to provide guests with the best activities that the time allows. 


One or two workshops may involve you bringing along your own property, for example, for the Smartphone Photography Workshop you will be invited to bring along your own smartphone to learn how to use the hidden camera features. For the Make-Up Workshop, you will be invited to bring your own make-up and mirror to follow the instructions from the tutor to do your own make up. When these types of workshops are taking place, you will be advised in the joining instructions sent to you beforehand.   


What will the other ladies be like?

Married, divorced, separated, widowed and single women all come along to Slipper Camps. They may be retired, semi-retired, working part-time or working-full time. Parents, grandparents and non-parents. Everyone is welcome at Slipper Camps.


Some ladies simply choose to come on an engaging, inspirational and fun mini-break. Some come because they need a bit of downtime from day to day life but don’t want to lie on a beach all day. Some who work part/full time or are carers just need a break and to do something completely different. Some ladies are in need of a lift to get back on their feet as life has dealt them a bit of a blow, and some are reassessing their lives and want to break out from the old and into the new. Almost certainly, you will find other ladies on a Slipper Camp who have experienced many of the same things you have, good and bad.


Whatever your circumstances, all our guests have benefited from time spent chatting to other ladies and sharing new experiences. Some ladies go home and immediately take up some of the hobbies they have learnt at Slipper Camps. Most importantly, our guests make new friends, and some choose to stay in touch after they go home.


What age group go on Slipper Camps?

There’s no upper or lower age limits at Slipper Camps, all ladies are welcome. We've had women come along from around 40 to 90. Most women come on their own - which Slipper Camps are very much geared towards - but some ladies prefer to come with the family member or friend. The majority of women who have come along to date have been 50+, but there are usually a range of ages at each one. 


All ages are welcome and enquiries for bespoke Slipper Camps are invited for groups of women of all ages.


How many other women will be there?

We like to keep numbers fairly small, so that everyone has the chance to get to know each other. Typically Slipper Camps range from about 6 to 10 ladies. Everyone chats to everyone – no one will ever be left out or feel isolated.


What happens with meals?

All meals are taken together. Your breakfast will be cooked to order, whatever you fancy on the day. At breakfast time you may also be asked to select your choice of two course dinner that evening, so the chef can prepare everything fresh accordingly. A light lunch is also provided each day. Tea and coffee is available at all workshops, as well as in your room, and can be ordered separately at other times if desired.


What happens when you first arrive at a Slipper Camp?

As soon as you arrive, you will be made to feel welcome at the Little Silver Country Hotel and they will show you to your room to settle in and answer any questions you may have about the hotel. You will be advised of activities in your joining instructions, and a more detailed itinerary can be found in your welcome bag in your room. Rest assured you will be made to feel welcome in a relaxed and informal environment and will have the chance to meet the other ladies on your Slipper Camp at that time.   


What if I have a disability?

The Little Silver Country Hotel has two mobility rooms on the ground floor which are suitable for those in wheelchairs.


If you are in a wheelchair or have some mobility issues, then it may not be possible to do every activity, for example the country walks. However we would discuss with you on the phone beforehand what arrangements can be made to make as much of the schedule as possible available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions...

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